What To Do

  • Be aware. Financial trouble can endanger your home, your marriage, your health, and many other aspects of life. Take the situation seriously and talk with an experienced attorney as soon as you can.
  • Be honest. Even if the amount of your debt or the details of your situation are embarrassing to you, it is important to be open and honest with your lawyer. We need a true assessment of your debts and assets to effectively assist you.
  • Keep making payments. Continue with your payments on your house, car and other property you want to keep. If you don’t, the property may be foreclosed or repossessed.

What NOT To Do

  • Don’t run up your credit cards just before filing. If you take out large cash advances or spend an exorbitant amount right before you file for bankruptcy, creditors may challenge your attempt to discharge their debts.
  • Don’t take money from your 401(k). If you withdraw money early, you may be liable for non-dischargeable taxes and penalties. Talk to our law firm to learn more.
  • Don’t transfer property or hide your assets. Both are illegal. Our law firm can explain legitimate options for protecting your assets.
  • Don’t sign anything from your creditors. Talk to us before signing any documents. We will also take the burden of talking to your creditors.
  • Don’t juggle credit cards. Using cash advances from one credit card to pay off another will only get you deeper in debt.

If you need more information on filing Bankruptcy, we invite you to make an appointment to come to the office in Sacramento, California, but if you cannot, we will help you file bankruptcy by e-mail, phone and mail. For more information on the basics of filing bankruptcy, contact the Law Offices Of  Russ Wyatt at 916-572-9779 to arrange your free initial consultation with Sacramento County bankruptcy law attorney today.