Chat Room

An internet chat room is used by people of all ages and backgrounds to have enjoyable communication with others. Numerous children go to online chat rooms to socialize with other kids. For many children this is a major form of recreation. Television and newspapers have publicized the dangers of an adult child predator masquerading as another child to lure victims into sexual acts. Law enforcement carries out sting operations in various settings and also in chat rooms pretending to be innocent children who are open to meeting a stranger in person. With these various factors a number of arrests are made for intended crimes against children which may not have been intended. If you or a loved one has been charged with an offense involving chatting with a child online you need the unwavering representation of a criminal defense attorney with the experience to fight these charges.

Charged with committing a chat room sex crime?

The consequences of being accused of a crime against a child are severe. You may face felony charges in state or federal court. Prosecutors are under great pressure to gain convictions for these types of charges. In a child enticement or luring case the primary witness for the prosecution may by a child whose testimony can be twisted and reinterpreted by the prosecution which can greatly affect the views of the jurors. Federal penalties can be as severe as life in prison. You can rely on a criminal defense lawyer at our firm to provide a well grounded and inspired defense on your behalf.

In the case of an officer of the law who pretended to be a child in a chat room you will need a determined criminal defense lawyer to ensure the actual issues in the case are made very clear to the prosecutor as well as to a jury if the case even makes it that far. We fully understand how tricky this type of covert activity can be and are ready to protect your rights.