Sacramento Theft Crimes Defense Lawyer

Sacramento theft crimes are criminal acts of taking another person’s property or money without the other person’s permission. In California, theft crimes can be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Misdemeanor theft crimes

Petty theft is the taking of property or money that is valued at $400 or less. This is a misdemeanor and may be punished with a sentence of up to six months in jail, significant court fines, restitution to the victim as well as to law enforcement for the cost of investigation of the charges, community service, counseling and probation. It is important to fight your Sacramento petty theft offense because a conviction for this offense may be used to enhance a future petty theft into a felony. This is called a Sacramento petty theft with a prior and is filed as a felony pursuant to Penal Code Section 666 by the prosecutor.

If you have previously been convicted of a petty theft and have served any amount of time in custody, then the prosecutor may automatically file the second offense as a felony. The penalty for a petty theft with a prior is up 3 years in prison, counseling, probation or parole, high court fines, community service, restitution to both the victim and law enforcement. If you are arrested for a petty theft, it is important to immediately hire a theft crimes attorney.

Sacramento Felony theft crimes

Grand theft is the taking of property or money that belongs to another that is valued at $400 or more without the other person’s consent. All felony theft crimes may be punished by prison, high court fines, restitution to both the victim and law enforcement, probation or parole, reimbursement for the cost of supervision, and counseling. All theft cases will be used to increase future punishment if a person is convicted of a crime in the future.

Common Sacramento theft crimes include:

Theft crimes and their legal penalties will depend on the items stolen, the value of the property, and the criminal history of the person charged. If the person is a repeat offender, the court may give the person a prison sentence of several years.

Because of the significant consequences to a person charged with a theft crime, it is important to immediately hire a Sacramento theft crimes attorney as soon as you are either investigated or charged with an offense.