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Suffering from a personal injury in Sacramento?

Personal injuries are a common consequence of many accidents throughout Sacramento and surrounding areas that often occur as a result of the negligence of the responsible party. In many cases, victims can enlist the services of an experienced Sacramento personal injury lawyer with the Law Office of Russ Wyatt who can build a strong case that seeks to assign fault to the negligent party while also demonstrating the need for financial compensation to cover costs associated with medical bills and recovery, lost wages and any other expenses that may arise as a result of the injury. Law Office of Russ Wyatt is dedicated to providing high-powered representation to personal injury victims in a variety of special areas.

Car Accidents
Perhaps the most common cause of personal injury throughout the United States, car accidents account for a significant percentage of court-appointed and out-of-court settlements for financial compensation. The right attorney can help car accident victims to find justice. More about car accidents

Truck Accidents
Due to key factors like weight and power, truck accidents that involve commercial vehicles like utility trucks or 18-wheeler semis have a potential for much greater damage and personal injury than in other motor vehicle accidents, not only at higher speeds, but at low speeds as well. More about truck accidents

Motorcycle Accidents
Today more than ever, motorcyclists must be on the defensive against motor vehicle drivers who continue to show their negligence by creating situations that increase the likelihood for motorcycle accidents. Bringing attention to motorcycle accident injuries that are caused by negligent drivers is vital to the fight to make America’s roads safe for motorcyclists. More about motorcycle accidents

Bicycle Accidents
Much like motor vehicles, bicyclists must comply with specific laws with regard to signaling, safety, and other regulations. Many drivers of trucks, vans and cars continue to be unaware of the rights of bicyclists, or fail to see them on the road, often causing serious or life threatening injuries in an accident. More about bicycle accidents

Birth Injuries
There are few things more traumatic for parents and children than suffering a birth injury due to the negligence of a physician or other healthcare professional who is charged with your care. Some birth injuries can have life-long consequences, and the families who are victimized by this type of event are entitled to hold the guilty parties responsible in court. More about birth injuries

Burn Injuries
Burn injuries are common throughout a wide range of accident scenarios, and serious burn injuries that are caused by mistakes or bad decisions by others may be eligible to receive compensation for treatment and recovery as well as other costs that may be related to the injury. More about burn injuries

Broken Bones
Broken bones are a common personal injury sustained by victims who are involved in a wide variety of accidents. Depending on the extent of the injury itself, some broken bones may heal in a relatively short amount of time while others can have long-lasting effects. More about broken bones

Construction Accidents
The likelihood for personal injury in a construction accident on a work site is very high as compared to other workplace injuries, and the injuries that a victim may suffer in a construction accident can be substantially more serious. Financial compensation may be sought through workers’ compensation benefits, or directly from the negligent party that caused the accident. More about construction accidents

Defective Products
Companies that manufacture products have a responsibility to the public to provide goods that are made with safe materials, constructed in a way that minimizes the potential for misuse and error, and with proper warnings that inform consumers of the dangers involved. When an injury occurs as a result of defective products, the company may be held liable for damages. More about defective products

Drowning Accidents
Drowning accidents are spontaneous and traumatic, both for the victims and loved ones of those who have suffered serious brain injuries and have even suffered a wrongful death. Drowning accidents can be the responsibility of a negligent party who does not properly lock a gate, or a public or private facility that does not properly maintain safety, among others. More about drowning accidents

Drunk Driving Accidents
Drunk driving is quite possibly the most horrific type of criminal violation that can occur on the road, and is an extreme act of irresponsibility on the part of the driver who made the decision to drive while intoxicated. Drunk driving often ends with an accident resulting in serious personal injury, if not death. Victims of drunk driving accidents have a right to seek compensation for any and all damages suffered. More about drunk driving accidents

Medical Malpractice
Physicians, surgeons and other healthcare professionals are specialized members of society who have been entrusted with the responsibility of caring for those who are in need. When these trusted professionals make bad decisions or mistakes that result in personal injury, they should be exposed and punished accordingly. Victims of medical malpractice have a responsibility to other patients to seek justice in the form of financial compensation. More about medical malpractice

Pedestrian Accidents
Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to personal injury from motor vehicles drivers who do not see them or are otherwise not aware of their presence while crossing the street. Motor vehicle drivers are obligated to consider the rights of pedestrians in close proximity to their vehicles, or suffer from penalties including financial compensation. More about pedestrian accidents

Bouncer Brutality and Bar Fights
Nightclubs and bars are an excellent place for people to go to unwind and have a drink with friends. The presence of alcohol and potential for intoxication along with other factors can lead to aggression, however, and fights can easily erupt between patrons or even the bouncers who are tasked with maintaining peace. More about bouncer brutality and bar fights

Bus Accidents
Bus accidents are one type of accident that can cause personal injury for victims who are unfortunate enough to be present in an accident. People who are injured in bus accidents have the right to seek financial compensation to cover treatment of injuries as well as recovery or other costs that arise from the injury. More about bus accidents

Premises Liability
Premises liability refers to the responsibility that business and home owners have to maintain proper safety precautions on their premises. When people suffer from personal injuries as a result of an accident on the premises, then the victim may seek compensation. More about premises liability

Legal Representation for Personal Injury Claims in Sacramento

Law Office of Russ Wyatt is a law firm in the Sacramento area that provides clients with expert case-building, legal services and representation for a wide variety of personal injury scenarios involving car accidents, drunk-driving accidents, drowning accidents and much more. The firm is focused on the needs of their clients, and will work hard to bring your case to a favorable outcome that will award the kind of substantial compensation you can rely on.