Involved in a Sacramento bicycle accident?

Bicycling is a popular form of recreation and sport, as well as a means of transportation for many individuals throughout Sacramento. As more and more bicyclists take to the streets for various reasons, the potential for bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles increases, as does the risk of serious personal injury. When an individual suffers a serious injury from a bicycle accident caused by the negligence of a motor vehicle driver, the victim has a legal right to seek financial compensation. A knowledgeable Sacramento lawyer can provide valuable insight into the process of filing a personal injury claim, and can be a valued asset in the pursuit of financial compensation to cover costs associated with the injury.

Due to the near-total absence of protection a bicyclist has in an accident with another vehicle, the types of injuries sustained can be very serious, permanent or life-threatening. Many bicycle accident victims suffer from broken bones, lacerations, brain injuries, internal injuries, back injuries and spinal injuries, paralysis and death. While the costs related to recovery and other financial hardships that arise from the injury may vary greatly from case to case, compensation can be awarded as long as responsibility is assigned to the appropriate negligent party.

As a cyclist, you are expected to follow safety regulations. You should always ride carefully and be sure to wear the proper safety equipment, including a helmet. If you are carrying a passenger or a child, they should be wearing helmets as well. While safety equipment can’t completely protect you should an accident occur, it can make the difference between life and death.

Finding a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Sacramento

Mr. Wyatt of Law Office of Russ Wyatt will provide quality and relentless legal counsel and representation to injured victims throughout the Sacramento area. The firm understands the problems a bicycle accident victim can experience in the aftermath of an accident, and we can work closely with clients throughout the process of pursuing compensation. The firm takes an aggressive approach to all insurance companies and their policyholders who attempt to avoid their legal obligation of financial responsibility. We are focused on achieving a favorable outcome either via personal injury settlement or through a court decision.