The Effects of Birth Injuries on Families

Birth injuries occur when healthcare professionals such as doctors, physicians, surgeons and others can make critical errors as a result of inexperience, inattention or a failure to provide the accepted standard of care. Birth injuries can be temporary or permanent, depending on the specifics of the circumstances. In cases of medical malpractice, birth injury victims are eligible to seek compensation to cover costs associated with recovery, treatment and care as well as emotional hardship and other financial difficulties. A skilled Sacramento attorney can assist you in building a case to prove negligence on the part of a healthcare professional, and has the experience and legal talent to litigate these complex cases.

There are a variety of different birth injuries that may occur as a consequence of negligence, including cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, brain injuries, or other physical injuries that are sustained during delivery. These injuries are often caused by special devices that are intended to aid in delivery, but that may cause injury if they are used incorrectly. Most long-term complications and conditions arise from brain injuries during birth, which can lead to permanent disability for an innocent child.

Birth Injury Lawyer in Sacramento

Law Office of Russ Wyatt and Mr. Wyatt are dedicated to providing high-quality legal services and aggressive legal representation in birth injury cases. If you contact the office you will find an aggressive litigator who is personally committed to achieving results for the injured child and the family. The future health and well being of the child, as well as their quality of life after an injury is of great concern, and these cases are given the full focus of the attorney.