Sacramento Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are perhaps the most common cause of personal injury in the United States, and Sacramento’ congested, busy and sometimes chaotic streets and freeways contribute significantly to the increased risk of an accident. Common car accident injuries include broken bones, head injuries such as concussions, back injuries, and many other types of life threatening or fatal injuries. A skilled Sacramento attorney can help in the aftermath of a car accident by providing legal counsel and advice to pursue justice and compensation for your injuries and other damages.

While every motor vehicle driver is legally obligated to be aware at all times of other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians on the road, and to follow all traffic laws, many do not. Negligence can be attributed to virtually any car accident scenario, and those responsible drivers should be held accountable. Personal injury victims can hold those negligent parties accountable by seeking financial compensation for the injuries they have caused, and to address the financial aspects of recovery and loss of wages due to the inability of a victim to work because of their injuries.

What to do if you’re in an accident.

We hope you’re never in an accident but if you are:

  1. Keep calm. You’ve just gone through a frightening experience but it’s important you follow through the next steps.
  2. Move off the side of the road. If possible, warn traffic with cones or flares or hazard lights flashing. If someone can’t physically move, keep them where they are until medical personnel arrive.
  3. Get help. Call police and emergency medical personnel if needed.
  4. Gather information of other drivers involved.Exchange information with involved drivers.
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. Driver’s license number
    5. License plate number
    6. Insurance company and policy number
    7. Description of the other vehicle
  5. Do not discuss the case. While it is important to exchange information, do not discuss the accident. Admitting liability to another driver may be used against you later.
  6. File a police report. You might not think this is necessary but this may help in documenting your case with the insurance company later.
  7. Document the scene. Take a picture if you have a camera or cell phone camera. (Hint: Or keep a disposable camera in the glove compartment.) Also note time of day, road conditions, weather, or any other possible influencing factors.
  8. Get information from witnesses. Get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses who saw the accident.
  9. Contact your insurance company. Call your insurance company and report the accident. They will investigate the loss, take statements, and inspect damage to both of the involved vehicles.

Car Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

Mr. Wyatt is a dedicated legal professional who is passionate about helping personal injury victims pursue compensation. The firm proudly supports the right of all clients and personal injury victims to receive legally-awarded financial compensation to cover any costs associated with the victims’ car accident injury, and we can prepare a compelling case that will not only expose the party of negligence, but will also effectively demonstrate a strong case for substantial compensation. Law Office of Russ Wyatt is dedicated to being an advocate for the injured party in an auto accident, he will fight for you.