Consequences of Workplace Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are recognized as one of the most dangerous work environments, and many serious injuries take place every year. Construction workers who suffer from injuries face the problem of trying to get the workers’ compensation benefits they have the right to receive from their employer in the event of an accident that causes injury. If you have suffered from a construction accident injury, it is important that you have legal representation to protect your right to recover compensation. Speak with a Sacramento lawyer from the firm who can help you take legal action to collect the compensation you deserve. In some cases, there is third party liability that allows the firm to pursue other sources of compensation beyond your benefits from workers’ compensation.

Construction workers are often injured in accidents that involve defective or improperly maintained equipment, poor maintenance of safety regulations or the negligence of a coworker who makes bad decisions or does not act to prevent an accident from occurring. Common injuries in construction accidents include broken bones, back injuries, spinal cord injuries that can result in partial or full paralysis, lost limbs, head injuries, brain damage and other types of injuries.

Construction Accident Injury Support in Sacramento

Law Office of Russ Wyatt will provide high-quality legal counsel to clients who have suffered from construction accident injuries, and are relentless in pursuing financial compensation from all responsible parties. The firm will take the fight to anyone from an employer to an entire team of legal professionals employed by an insurance company. They are very willing to litigate the matter when the injured client is not provided with the appropriate level of compensation