Have you suffered a dog bite attack in Sacramento?

Serious dog bite attacks are a growing concern in America today. Of the millions of animal attacks in the United States each year, the overwhelming majority are occasioned by man’s best friend. Visits by victims of dog bites to hospital emergency rooms now number over 1,000 per day. A child’s small stature or an elderly person’s lack of mobility make them the most vulnerable to attack. Severe injury, disfigurement, disease and even death can result from otherwise preventable attacks. If you or someone you love have suffered injury or died due to a dog attack in Sacramento, you need to contact a Sacramento lawyer who will stand up for your rights.

What should you do in the event of a dog bite?

  • Identify who owns the dog. This is extremely important. If the dog is a stray and you can’t confirm that the animal has received all of its required vaccinations, you may need a rabies shot (a painful process that you would rather avoid). Plus, if you identify the owner, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical bills.
  • Collect the animal’s information. Find out the details about the dog. Good things to know include:
    • Breed of dog
    • Weight
    • Last date of inoculation
  • Obtain the owner’s insurance information. As a San Diego dog bite victim, you may be entitled to compensation to cover your medical bills and other costs.
    • Name
    • Insurance company
    • Address
    • Phone number
  • Seek medical treatment immediately. Don’t delay in receiving medical treatment. If the dog bite is on your face, insist on being treated by a plastic surgeon. You may be prescribed painkillers, and you may be asked to use scar reduction lotion, ordered to stay out of the sun, and use sun block to reduce the possibility of scarring.

And now, the big question: do you need a rabies shot? If the dog has been identified, chances aren’t you won’t have to receive a rabies shot. Rabies is uncommon in cats and dogs in the United States, but more common in wild animals such as skunks and raccoons. It’s a good idea to follow your doctor’s advice in this matter.

Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer

Sacramento dog bite laws hold dog owners strictly liable for any injuries caused by their dog. This means the owners must effectively train and properly care for their dog in such a way that it presents no danger to others. If a dog has been trained to guard an owner’s home or business, it is still the owner’s responsibility to keep his dog confined and away from others so it is not a hazard. A dog owner is negligent by law when his pet has attacked and injured any person who is in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the dog owner’s home.

Only three exceptions exempt a dog owner from liability:

  • When the dog bites a trespasser on the owner’s property
  • When the dog is being treated by a veterinarian
  • When a person strikes or taunts the dog

Even though dogs are domesticated, like any other animal they can become aggressive and bite in certain situations. Their behavior can be unpredictable, especially when the victim is unfamiliar with a dog’s nature or with dogs in general. Dog owners are fully responsible under law for any unprovoked bite attack whether the dog attacks out of fear, when protecting its owner or property or in any similar circumstance. If you have suffered a dog bite attack, The Law Office of Russ Wyatt is dedicated to helping you recover the compensation you deserve, including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.