Injury Claims in Drunk Driving Cases in Sacramento

Drunk driving is one of the most terrible crimes that can take place, because the injuries and losses of life would have been avoided had the driver not gotten behind the wheel. Drunk driving is the cause of a great many accidents throughout the United States and Sacramento, and families can be devastated by the serious injuries that that type of driver negligence can cause. A compassionate, passionate Sacramento attorney with experience in drunk driving accident injuries can help to pursue your case in the most effective way possible, allowing you the greatest chance at a favorable outcome.

When a drunk driver is on the road operating a motor vehicle, any driver who shares the road with that person is at a significantly increased risk of suffering through an accident and terrible or fatal injuries. Drunk driving accidents often result in injuries such as broken bones, concussions and other brain injuries, paralysis, and wrongful death. Recovery and treatment for these injuries is difficult, time-consuming and costly, and in cases of permanent injuries or disability, will require a lifetime of treatment and care. It is crucial that aggressive legal counsel gets involved early in the claims process.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

Law Office of Russ Wyatt strongly supports the right of personal injury victims to seek compensation to help cover the many costs associated with their injuries and other damages. With tireless dedication and personal commitment to the victim’s case, the firm will aggressively pursue every possible form of compensation for damages.