Are truck accidents treated differently than other vehicle accidents?

Truck accidents are a common cause of personal injury on the road, and occur when truck drivers and operators of commercial vehicles do not exercise proper safety precautions, or do not demonstrate proper awareness of other vehicles or pedestrians in close proximity to them. Those who are injured as a result of this type of negligence should consider speaking with a Sacramento lawyer who understands how to guide you through the legal claims process so that you can move on without suffering lasting financial effects.

Trucks and commercial vehicles are generally much heavier than traditional vehicles, meaning that accidents, even at low speeds, can cause much greater damage, damage that extends beyond the vehicle itself and causes personal injury that sometimes results in life-long disabilities or fatalities. Even when the injuries are not life-threatening, drivers of commercial vehicles and trucks, as well as the companies they work for, may be held liable for any damaged suffered by a victim. The insurance companies who may be required to cover these costs are usually focused on reducing claims and avoiding their responsibilities, however, and are capable of spending considerable funds to reach out-of-court personal injury settlements or court-decisions that do not rule in favor of the victim.

Truck Accident Attorneys in Sacramento

Mr. Wyatt is willing to go toe-to-toe with large insurance companies in matters regarding personal injury claims against their policyholders, as well as transport companies that may try to avoid their obligations to victims in truck accidents. The Law Office of Russ Wyatt is committed to providing Sacramento truck accident injury victims the legal representation they need to recover financial compensation for the many costs that are related to their recovery and future health, well being and finances.